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Big'Un 09-18-2011 12:22 PM

How-To: Painting Calipers
-Dupli-color High Performance Caliper Paint Kit with Ceramic
*Includes brake cleaner and brush
-Brake cleaner (Use included or if anal like me use CRC brand)
-Paint brush/es a heavy 1" or a 1 and 2" sponge brush will work

1. Break lug nuts loose

2. Jack the car up.

3. Take wheel off

4. Use the brake cleaner liberally and make sure that it has evaporated fully.

5. Stir paint and apply with the brush. Take your time. Allow 2-3 coats, with 10 minutes in-between.

6. Put wheels back on

7. Tighten lug nuts

8. Set car of ground and make sure all lugnuts are tight

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