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Dry Nitrous Install

Stuff a rag in the tb like this, drill a hole in the clamp (make sure the nozzle will fit through easily)

then drill all the way through the tb, then tap the tb

mount the selonoids and regulator wherever, run the nozzle line to the nozzle

you can mount the bottle brackets by putting the bottle in the brackets, marking the holes, drilling pilot holes , and then using large self-tapping sheet metal bolts to secure it in
pull the rubber plug in the trunk, and run the feed line through it, it will drop out in the frame rail
run it along the frame rail, frame ties and zip tie it to the fuel line if nothing else available

if you slice the carpet right, it will go back in place

mount the switch right here on the kick panel. then pick up power in the fuse box, w/ a spade in an open terminal

microswitch mounts right at the tb bolt that is the lower and towards the front of the car

the relay can go wherever...i put it right here, and run the power to the battery

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