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Exclamation Cleaning & Detailing Tips

10 Tips for cleaning your Stang

Keeping your Mustang shiny and in good condition should be a top priority. The following are a few tips from the pros. In all, maintaining your Mustang’s finish is an easy task. By washing the car regularly, and immediately addressing any issues such as bird droppings, you can keep your Mustang shining for many years to come.

1. Clean the Interior First
Always clean the inside of your Mustang before you clean the outside. Reason being, dirt and junk from inside your car can get all over your freshly cleaned exterior in a heart beat. (Unless, of course, you want to wait an hour or so for the car's exterior to dry.)

2. Use Newspaper to Clean the Windows
For streak-free windows, try crumpling up a piece of newspaper and using it to dry the surface instead of using the standard paper towel or shop rag. I use standard ammonia-based car window cleaner on my Mustang’s windows, although a few people have told me vinegar (three parts vinegar to one part water) works wonders as a substitute over standard glass cleaner. As for the newspaper, I've tried this and the results were top notch (and streak free).

3. Wear the Right Clothes
BE CAREFUL what you wear when you clean your Mustang. All it takes is one sharp edge, such as a zipper or belt buckle, to damage a perfectly good paint job.

4. Dry it Off Immediately to Avoid Water Spots
Don't let your Mustang sit around after you've rinsed it off. The sooner you dry the car, the less likely you are to have WATER SPOTS. Once you have water spots on your Mustang, they are hard to get off. If your car already has water spots, give this vinegar treatment a shot.

5. Never Wash or Wax When the Surface is Hot
NEVER wash or wax your Mustang in direct sunlight or when the car's surface is hot. The heat can, and will, cause your soap or wax to dry too quickly. This can cause water spotting when washing. Worse yet, it can damage the car's paint job, which is exactly the opposite of what you're hoping to achieve.

6. Be Careful Where you Put Your Protectant
NEVER EVER put Armor All, or a similar type product, on your Mustang's steering wheel, pedals, or other components you need to use when driving. I know this sounds like common sense, but I've met my fair share of folks who have done this, only to find out they couldn't grip the wheel or hit the brakes when out on the road. It's dangerous and, well, it's just stupid.

7. Use a Wet Paintbrush or Toothbrush to Clean Tight Spaces
When CLEANING TIGHT SPACES on your Mustang, such as around the grille or in small crevices, try using a soft paintbrush or a wet toothbrush. I've found this to be extremely helpful when trying to remove dead bugs from the grille after a road trip. If you use a wet paintbrush, MAKE SURE to cover the metal band on the brush with some tape so you don't scratch your paint!

8. Clean Your Windshield Wiper Blades
Don't forget to CLEAN YOUR WINDSHIELD WIPER BLADES, at least once a month, with soapy water while washing your car. This can prevent them from smearing your clean windshield and can increase their longevity. Some people recommend wiping down each blade, once or twice, with a rag soaked with a little white vinegar.

9. Remove Bird Droppings with Seltzer Water
Pour Seltzer water on bird droppings, wait for the sizzle, then wipe them away with a soft cloth. Whatever you do, don’t use club soda or tonic. Seltzer water only!

10. Detail Your Mustang Regularly
Detail your Mustang REGULARLY. I clean mine once a week, sometimes twice if it rains and I need to clean the road grime off. It doesn't take much to keep your Mustang looking good. It does take a lot, however, to get a worn looking exterior to look nice.

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Default NFL Jersey

The reality, however, is that it would be a surprise if Petty wins the job.
"I don't read headlines," Petty said. "I don't do things like that. I'm just focused on coming in here and being better every day."
"I don't feel like No. 3,Wholesale NFL Jerseys," Petty said of the Jets' quarterback depth chart. "I don't think Hack feels like he's No. 3. I don't think Josh feels like he's No. 3, or any of the above."
Petty, a fourth-round pick out of Baylor in 2015, played in six games last season and started four. He hardly solidified himself as part of the Jets' future plans while throwing three touchdown passes and seven interceptions with a 60.0 quarterback rating.
Then, there's Petty, who barely made the roster last year and could face a similar uncertainty this summer.
"He's learning the offense just like everybody else ? him and Hack, obviously," Bowles said Tuesday. "McCown has been in it before somewhat so he knows it a little more than the other guys. In the fourth practice, it's slowing down for them and they're starting not to turn the ball over as much. They turned it over some last week and haven't turned it over as much this week. It's a process. As OTAs go, we'll look for them to improve even more."
"Whether that's mastering the protections or getting the ball out faster and things like that, I'm trying to do a better job of that," Petty said. "There's always things to get better at, but as long as I'm on the field, that's priority No. 1."
"If I could survive a hit from those two guys, I think I'll be all right," Petty said with a big smile. "The joke is that I'm going to put that picture in my man cave and have them sign it. I mean, that way, one day when I have kids,Julius Nattinen, they'll know who their Dad is, so they can't mess with me.
"I mean, it's OTAs," Petty said Tuesday after the New York Jets' fourth practice of organized team activities. "How do you have an underdog?"
That means trying to avoid the type of bone-rattling smash he took when he ended up being sandwiched by Miami's Ndamukong Suh and Cameron Wake in Week 15.
Well, there's Josh McCown, the veteran mentor who appears to be the front-runner to start in the season opener at Buffalo on Sept. 10.
And, he's the odd-man out.
Both coach Todd Bowles and offensive coordinator John Morton have said that all three quarterbacks will get chances to work with the starting offense throughout organized team activities and perhaps through minicamp. Bowles acknowledged last week that a final decision might not come until training camp in August,NFL Jerseys China.
There's also Christian Hackenberg, the second-round draft pick from a year ago who has never played in a regular-season game and may or may not be the future of the franchise.
For Petty, there was a lengthy list of things he needed to work on in the offseason, from seeing the field better to reading defenses more confidently,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, to basic mechanics and footwork.

Another key is staying healthy. Petty hurt his right shoulder in the preseason last summer, then was injured twice in his limited action during the regular season, with the second ending his stint as the starter.
FLORHAM PARK, N.J. (AP) ? Bryce Petty is in the middle of a three-way quarterback competition that many believe is truly just a two-man race.
Still, he would have finished as the starter in place of Ryan Fitzpatrick if an injury to his left (non-throwing) shoulder hadn't ended his season before the finale.
"It was a good hit and good little story, so you've got to make jokes out of that kind of stuff."
"That's part of growing up and maturing, and maturing in this league, as well."
"I have the confidence now that, 'Hey, I can play this game,'" Petty said. "I think that's a big thing. ... I think just kind of going through that process, sometimes you kind of make it bigger than it is. Some guys need experience to build that confidence. I think that's kind of what I needed to see that, 'Hey,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, I can see the rush, I can see the defense, I can make throws, I can throw touchdowns,' and things like that.
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Default NFL Jersey

Pittsburgh general manager Kevin Colbert said in the run-up to free agency the team would take its usual pragmatic approach, focusing more on re-signing the players the Steelers have developed rather than making a big splash.
The 30-year-old Foster has made 87 starts at various positions and has been Pittsburgh's starting left guard each of the last four seasons.
Hours before hitting the open market as a free agent,Jose Calderon Jersey, Foster decided to stick with the only NFL team he's ever known.
PITTSBURGH (AP) ? The Pittsburgh Steelers took a flier on Ramon Foster in 2009, signing him as an undrafted free agent. Over the next seven seasons, Foster worked his way from prospect to dependable starter.
"Not a bad career so far for an undrafted kid out of Tennessee," Foster posted on his Instagram account.
The Steelers and Foster agreed to a three-year deal that will run through the 2018 season on Wednesday,Wholesale Jerseys From China, the only significant move by Pittsburgh on the opening day of free agency.
Foster is the fourth player to re-sign with the Steelers rather than test free agency,NFL Jerseys China. Safety Robert Golden and wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey signed on Monday and cornerback William Gay inked a three-year deal on Tuesday.
The Steelers have Matt Spaeth and Jesse James under contract and are closing in on a deal with former Chargers tight end Ladarius Green,Hockey Jerseys 2018 Cheap. The 25-year-old Green caught a career-best 37 passes for 429 yards and four touchdowns in 2015 while serving as the primary backup behind Antonio Gates.
Pittsburgh has significant needs in the secondary and along the defensive and offensive lines and is also looking for tight end help after Heath Miller's abrupt retirement last month.
The Steelers did not come to terms with left tackle Kelvin Beachum,Wholesale China Jerseys, nose tackle Steve McLendon or cornerback Antwon Blake by the 4 p.m. deadline. Pittsburgh did not make a qualifying offer to linebacker Terence Garvin, allowing Garvin to become a free agent.
Colbert characterized Pittsburgh's salary cap position as manageable. The Steelers entered free agency about $3 million under the cap but saw that number jump to $11 million on Wednesday night, according to the NFL Players Association.
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Default Cheap NFL

According to the police report, Coleman told police he had smoked "Spice" ? lumped in as synthetic marijuana ? about an hour before the crash. Coleman's truck was traveling at 60 mph in a 35 mph zone and hit a Honda Civic.
Coleman just completed his fourth season with the Seahawks and is a restricted free agent this offseason. He was on the practice squad in 2012 before making the 53-man roster in 2013. Coleman missed 11 games and the playoffs last season because of a broken foot.
Prior to the crash, traffic cameras in the area twice captured Coleman driving out of his lane. Witnesses described Coleman as "aggravated" and "incoherent" following the accident and said he fled barefoot despite being told to stay, according to the report. Police discovered Coleman a short distance from the crash and described him as clam and cooperative.
Coleman's attorney,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, Steve Hayne,Wholesale Jerseys From China, said Monday that video he took of Coleman at the jail following the crash showed he was lucid and did not appear impaired. Hayne said the 101-page report released by Bellevue Police was intended to make Coleman look bad, calling it a "manifesto."
BELLEVUE, Wash. (AP) ? Police recommended felony charges of vehicular assault and hit-and-run against Seattle Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman on Monday for an October car crash after which he acknowledged smoking synthetic marijuana.
Coleman is legally deaf and his football success has made him an inspirational figure,Cheap NFL Jerseys 2017. He has been featured in TV commercials and wrote a book that was released last year.

The King County Prosecutor's Office confirmed having received the charging recommendations from the Bellevue Police Department after completion of the investigation,Cheap Jerseys China. There was no timeline given on when the prosecutor's office may reach a charging decision.
Synthetic marijuana is not actually marijuana, but typically consists of designer drugs ? sometimes similar to amphetamines ? sprayed onto plant matter, then smoked.
"Why are they putting all of this stuff in (the report) that is irrelevant and prejudicial?" Hayne said.
Police said they discovered a lighter, a glass spoon pipe with tarry residue, one open bag of "synthetic cannabinoid" and three unopened bags of "synthetic cannabinoid" in Coleman's truck after the crash. Police said Coleman showed signs of being impaired during field sobriety tests, but blood tests taken several hours after the crash did not show the drug Coleman acknowledged taking.
Coleman's foot remained on the accelerator for several seconds after the initial impact with the Civic, driving it 260 feet down the road until it was pushed off the roadway, up a hill and flipped over,Cheap NFL Jerseys, according to the police report. The driver of the Civic suffered a broken collarbone and a head injury.
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Default China Jers

But coach-player disagreement factored in, a conflict that was one of many adverse developments during that injury-ravaged autumn. Zimmer was concerned enough about losing the trust of the locker room that he sought and received assurances from several players in offseason conversations that he had not.
Beginning a crossroad season, Zimmer is as no-nonsense, persistent and uncompromising as ever. The unprecedented feat of playing in a Super Bowl on home turf will be a powerful motivator for the Vikings in 2017. Not that they need more of it.
"What I appreciate about Zim is, from Day One to today, he's always been a straight shooter," owner and president Mark Wilf said. "He tells it like it is,cheap nfl jerseys online, to his players,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, to his coaches, to the staff and to ownership. There's a lot of accountability with him. He shoots straight with others, and he expects the same in return."
"My expectation for this team is a lot higher than that," Zimmer said, "so we've got to get back to work."
"There wasn't much that I liked," Zimmer said, "to be honest with you."
"He is probably one the most upfront, honest coaches I have ever played for," Bradford said. "I think that's one of the things the guys really respect, because we know he's in it with us."
That exhibition opener at Buffalo on Thursday provided a vintage picture of Zimmer and his demanding approach. By beating the Bills, the Vikings raised their preseason record under Zimmer to a robust 13-1. Such is at least trace evidence, as meaningless as the outcomes of these games in August are, of a team pushed hard to learn, work and prepare.
Returning from his Kentucky vacation ranch ,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, where he was sent for two weeks this spring to rest his eye, Zimmer appeared as upbeat as he had been in months. His doctor told him his retina was perfect, though mindful of the potential for future trouble with the left eye.
Signs of an adjusted perspective have been easy to spot, though, in the dawn of this critical year in Minnesota.
So make no mistake: This son of a long-time high school coach, whose own son is Minnesota's linebackers coach, is not about to go soft. His sensitive side was saved for his daughter's wedding earlier this summer, not for the practice field.
MANKATO, Minn. (AP) ? As Mike Zimmer returned to the field with the Minnesota Vikings for the second half of their exhibition opener, the hard-nosed head coach was asked by a sideline radio reporter for some personal highlights from the first two quarters.
"You're just trying to put your fingers in different holes as much as you can," Zimmer said. "It takes a while to learn how to do this job. It really does."
"We're going to get back to being the Vikings," Zimmer said, "and we're going to be blue collar and do things the way things that got us to be when we played teams that they respected the way that we played."

He's been spending more time with the offense, joining position meetings with the line and focusing more on managing in-game strategy while the Vikings have the ball. During his hiatus from spring practice, Zimmer sent nightly text messages to quarterback Sam Bradford to help him better understand the way defenses will attack him while forging a stronger bond with the eighth-year veteran along the way. Other players were recipients of similar electronic critiques from film of the workout earlier in the day.
The blunt style that contributed to being passed over for several head coach vacancies until the Vikings hired him in 2014 has not faded. The 3-8 finish for Minnesota after a 5-0 start last year, and the detached retina in Zimmer's right eye that required eight surgeries in seven months, didn't dampen his spirit for the job .
In the second-to-last game at Green Bay, cornerbacks Terence Newman and Xavier Rhodes, two of Zimmer's closest pupils, strayed from the plan for covering wide receiver Jordy Nelson in a defeat to the Packers. Sloppy communication,Cheap NFL Jerseys, including from Zimmer to the media afterward, was a culprit.
There have been hiccups, notably last season.
He spoke recently of learning "how to truly be a head coach" while referencing five-time champion Bill Belichick's rough start in the profession before thriving with the New England Patriots.
His resume was built on 14 years as an NFL defensive coordinator, and to this point he's been one of the rare head coaches in the league who've also called plays for the defense. Zimmer, however,Authentic Jerseys For Sale, has considered a transition plan for defensive coordinator George Edwards to be the lead caller during games. He's confident enough, he said, in the development of the group under his direction to no longer feel the need to pick every play.
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